Emma Birna

Emma is deadly beauty of the assassin world. Good luck getting close to this ice queen. She is more likely to shoot you then to help you.


5"9’ Not only is she tall, but she has legs that go for miles.
Beautiful, wavey locks of red hair. It goes just below the shoulders.
Sapphire blue eyes that stand out from all others. If they they could tell a story, it would be one of sorrow and cold heartedness.
She has a slim body that is to die for.
If beauty could kill, you would be dead the moment you lay eyes on her.
Though it’s her gun, and not her looks that will kill ya.


Emma was born in Kazan Russia. She moved to the US with her father when she was six years old. She was told that they were moving because of her fathers work. Emma Speaks both Russian and English because of this. He father meant the world to her as a child. She never knew who her mother was. Her father told her that her mother died after she was born do to an illness. Emma never once saw a picture of her mother. Her father had told her that it was bad luck to always be reminded of the dead. In Truth, her father never had a picture to begin with.

One night, like ever other night Emma had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Everything seemed like a normal night for Emma, except there was someone walking to her father’s room. Emma slowly and quietly followed that person. She watched as the person entered the bedroom, slowly pull out a gun and shoot her father. At this point Emma screamed and the stranger turned around to see Emma standing there.

That’s all you get for now

Emma Birna

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